Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dance in the Vampire Bund

Busy. That's what I am nowadays, juggling school, work(helping my parents), CCA and Otakuing, I have hardly any time left to do anything else. But I will still watch the season's anime though. First up, I shall review on the first 3 episodes of Dance in the Vampire Bund. An anime that I've been looking forward to.

For the sake of those who haven't watch it yet, the story goes something like that.
Mina Tepes (The loli above), the princess of Vampires come out from hiding and revealed to Japan that vampires have been living among humans and wants to make a special district for her own kind, despite that there are people (and other vampires/ supernatural being) against her.
The male main character, Akira Kaburagi is just a normal human that is skeptical about vampires. He lost his memory a year ago in an accident but the first episode reveals that he is more than what it seems?

BCOtaku's thoughts
Well, Dance in the Vampire Bund is.. very.. interesting, shall I say? I've heard that the reviews that this anime got from others are mixed.. Some hated it to the core while some enjoyed it alot. Well, in case you can't tell yet, I'm quite satisfied with this anime. The story is quite dark, but still, it's enjoyable. Does not have much complains bout it. Since the plot, characters, songs everything is there already.
Also Dance in the Vampire Bund has the most.. enchanting OP IMO..

I find myself being attracted to Mina's dance.. The only time i rewind and rewind just to see the OP. No, it's not because there's a loli dancing about wearing only a strip of cloth. I don't know the reason, but.. Well, it just made me want to watch it again and again.

I'll recommend that you watch it if you haven't. But you won't guarantee to love it. It's like Lucky Star, you either hate it or love it.
Also, if I am not sounding like myself, it might be because I've been writing many books/movie review for my exams, so I *might* sound more formal than usual ^^;

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