Monday, March 15, 2010

Unboxing of Pokemon HeartGold

Heya guys! Pokemon HeartGold ans SoulSilver version has been released yesterday. Have you got your copy? I have bought the HeartGold version earlier today.

Unopened box
This is how it looks liek when you buy it. It's actually pretty thick. If you guys remember how the gameboy advance cartridges came in boxes, the HGSS game card came in similar, but thicker boxes.
It's around two fingers thick.

There are some fine details on the background of the box, such as the Tin Tower seen here.

In the box + flash
What's in the box. Buncha random notes on the PokeWalker that came along with it. Have no idea what's a PokeWalker. Will follow up on it soon. Also, in the box is the PokeWalker itself and the usual box that has the game card in it.

In the game card box.
This is what that is in the game card box. The usual papers on safety warning and whatnots, plus the game card itself.

Game Card DS. HeartGold
The card itself.

Is gonna start on the game soon, after my DS finish charging.