Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Not so daily Progress Journal! : Everything's probably getting better!

Last night, I slept for a mere 2 hours, from 1am to 3am, so I am really tired today. And surprisingly, the 2 hours sleep replenished enough energy to last me to 4.30 in the afternoon, when I almost fainted due to no sleep + sick =x Bleh =P
Tomorrow need to go school already, since MC expire (right word ma?) on 16/7... Sigh and while I was away, there are some complete retards in the class that spam the classblog under my name.. screw them..

Not so daily Progress journal! : Everything's NOT okay!


I am bored.
Yes, I am bored.
There's no Negima this week, no TRC, no Holic and I did not go to school.
zzz..Why the hell must I get sick?? Today has the most relaxing timetable!!
Sigh.. Help me.. I re- speed run the Castlevania PoR 3 times over and I am still bored...
Save me from this Boredom!!


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lil update

Lol.. Just back from the doctor's and he said that I have flu.. if i still dun feel well tomorrow, i dun hafta go ta school

Not no daily Progress Jounal! : Everything's NOT Okay

Today sucks. Yes, Today sucks.
I fell sick halfway through class, then, i hafta go home.
Headache, yes. I know it sounds like nothing, but.. Try having to endure through a headache when there's a teacher shooting random stuff at you.. Plus, there's a geography test later on. You think i can survive through the test with a damn headache?
Oh! Did I mention i have a slight fever of 37+ when I got home?
ZZ Now, I have no idea what today's homework is...
Arrgh.. I feel like I'm typing crap here.. Lol..
Can't be bothered anymore.. Bye..


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Not so daily progress journal! : Everything's (Probably) okay! 11/7/09


Saturday, in other words, its a day where i am free to read manga as i am pleased. But the thing is that , there's practically no manga to read.. As Bleach was released on Friday and i've already read it yesterday, so all that is left is To LOVE- Ru 156. Oh! And Kodomo no Jikan chapter 50 is released without me knowing! Exciteds >.<

And just now, in the morning, stupid Rong Chuin call me go library do HW together or smth , then when I am preparing to go out, he smsed me and told me that he got smth last minute and cant go... ZzZZ now i rly got nth to do.. Its so boring..

Everything's (Probably) okay! Not so daily progress journal END


Friday, July 10, 2009

Note that this post is just to make Ler Jun pissed off

So, other thn my Not so daily Progress Journal, i must have a 'Not so daily gaming journal'
not that i really play games tho..
So..well, Ler Jun, As i said , this post is here to piss you off.
1. Pokemon Platinum.
-3 words : haha you suck.
-Some more words: Not that i rock tho, but you still suck. Took me 3 days to complete Platinuim, with all Pokemon to at least level 60++, but it took you HOW LONG to defeat Cynthia, wth your mons only at lvl 50++ , not to mention, with totally useless move pool.
- Oh yeah, another thing to piss you off, Remember my Dialga?? 249 sp atk?? =P

2.Castlevania : PoR
-Yes, i'm gonna say it again, you suck.
- I don't think i need to elaborate, Mr 500 hp.


Not so daily progress journal! : Everything's (Probably) okay! 10/7/09

Hi all ^^
Ryo's back in control!!~

Lol.. soo..

Today's a friday as all of you all know, so it means that
1 - Tomorrow is Saturday , a Holiday
2 - No need to see Wang Wei according to the time table (Yay!!)

So , since we don't get to see Wang Wei, it means that the day's way more relaxing and fun than usual, which is really true , since this day passes surprisingly fast.

And, as usual, loads of homework (/ waiting for Jared/Leon to bash me up) and a short 2 day weekend break. Sigh.. what can I do? not as though complaining is gonna do me anything.

Although it is really good that we do not get to see Wang Wei today, but there is not gonna be any One Piece this week!! OMG!! Yes!! No One Piece!! Noooo!! And.. There's gonna be no Negima next week to make this worse.. And this is not all... There's still no D Gray Man updates yet..

Everything's (probably) Okay! Not so daily progress journal! - END