Saturday, January 2, 2010

I am downloading anime but has no more space?

Downloading anime comes at a price. You can see your disk space going down. down. and down. So obviously, the price is more hard drives. I can somehow see myself either crying due to no space, crying due to lagging or crying due to my money flying away in the near future.

So, today, BCOtaku here, which usually doesn't give a damn about how much space he's got left is worried. Why is he worried you ask? Take a look at the picture below.
Oh wait. Blogger's been screwin with the image uploader, so click on the pictures to get a better view.
But don't get distracted by the moesome girl having one of her moements

Yea, you might say I've still got 132GB left. What's the big deal. there's still quite alot, right?
Now take a look at what I'm torrenting.
Once again, click on the picture. No moe girls this time

See? Do the maths and you'll see how I'm worrying. Probably gonna spend all of my money on an internal hard drive + enclosure or an external hard drive.
Any idea where they sell internal hard drives and enclosure in Tampines? I'm the Isumi typed person that get lost easily that's why I don't want to leave Tampines. Or tell me which shop in Sim Lim/Funan can be trusted, coz I've never been there before.
Good luck to me.


  1. For Sim Lim, try going the 5th and 6th floor to find. The 3rd floor and below are "black" shops lol =X

    Buy external HDD better! I thinking of getting the 1 TB one o.O hmm, but get two 500GB is cheaper!

  2. Lol. Thanks. I'm gonna go thr when I got the time. and money. Lucky i clear my drive abit ==" Or else rly CMI le