Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dance in the Vampire Bund

Busy. That's what I am nowadays, juggling school, work(helping my parents), CCA and Otakuing, I have hardly any time left to do anything else. But I will still watch the season's anime though. First up, I shall review on the first 3 episodes of Dance in the Vampire Bund. An anime that I've been looking forward to.

For the sake of those who haven't watch it yet, the story goes something like that.
Mina Tepes (The loli above), the princess of Vampires come out from hiding and revealed to Japan that vampires have been living among humans and wants to make a special district for her own kind, despite that there are people (and other vampires/ supernatural being) against her.
The male main character, Akira Kaburagi is just a normal human that is skeptical about vampires. He lost his memory a year ago in an accident but the first episode reveals that he is more than what it seems?

BCOtaku's thoughts
Well, Dance in the Vampire Bund is.. very.. interesting, shall I say? I've heard that the reviews that this anime got from others are mixed.. Some hated it to the core while some enjoyed it alot. Well, in case you can't tell yet, I'm quite satisfied with this anime. The story is quite dark, but still, it's enjoyable. Does not have much complains bout it. Since the plot, characters, songs everything is there already.
Also Dance in the Vampire Bund has the most.. enchanting OP IMO..

I find myself being attracted to Mina's dance.. The only time i rewind and rewind just to see the OP. No, it's not because there's a loli dancing about wearing only a strip of cloth. I don't know the reason, but.. Well, it just made me want to watch it again and again.

I'll recommend that you watch it if you haven't. But you won't guarantee to love it. It's like Lucky Star, you either hate it or love it.
Also, if I am not sounding like myself, it might be because I've been writing many books/movie review for my exams, so I *might* sound more formal than usual ^^;

Friday, January 22, 2010

Find out if a Man is worth marrying by searching his computer!

Recently, Sankaku Complex had an article on “How to Find Out Whether a Man is Worth Marrying”.

It says that to check if a man is 'suitable' to be married to, just go to his computer and run a search on the following:

*.jpg, *.bmp, *.mpg, *.avi, *.wmv, *.rm

And you would know if the man's worth marrying.

So this is BCOtaku's thoughts on it.

So does having tons of images and videos on your hard drive means you aren't suitable for marriage?
Well, I have alot of files of those formats (except .bmp, .wmv and .rm, I have no idea what those are, except for .wmv)on my drive (But little are NSFW for my standards. Or my definition of NSFW is wrong) . Does that means girls should steer clear of me?
I don't really think so. Well, it's not for me to say.

Having lots of pictures and videos doesn't mean that it is going to be all ecchi pics. Even if they are, what does this pictures do to make you 'unsuitable' for marriage? If this is really the case, I bet almost every guys would be unsuitable. Okay, maybe that's too general. But at least half the male population would be deemed 'unsuitable'.
That also makes me wonder, how many couples have lived a happy life after marriage with the husband having images and videos (not necessarily NSFW ) on their computer?

What about the privacy of the males? Do we not deserve any privacy? Or any rights at all? I believe that if you trust your husband/wife, you should not worry about them having weird files on their computer. But then, again, they only have the pictures/videos, what can they do with it? At most fap to it.

So to sum things up, Girls, you don't have to dig so deeply into his computer like Miku is doing above.

Sorry if I sounded a little harsh here. Just ended a debate session in school and it did got a little out of hand. =x

Friday, January 15, 2010

Weekly Shounen Jump is back, but Ane Doki ended?!

After the New Year breaks, Weekly Shounen Jump is finally back.
That means One Piece, Bleach, Bakuman, Medaka Box and others are back up again. BCOtaku is really happy. Ane Doki's back too!
Ane Doki 26 1


YES! Ane Doki's final chapter, Chapter 26 is out. And I must say I is not happy with it at all. Not because that I won't be able to enjoy Natsuki service like this (Well, it's one of the reason TBH) ,
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
It's because Mizuki Kawashita-sensei did not give me a good ending to the story.

Actually, it's kinda okay for me, since it's not really a Harem ending. But the ending did not tell us if Kouta actually did end up with Natsuki. Me is not amused.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Me was so happy when I see this picture, I thought that it's more or less decided that Kouta X Natsuki ending is the actual ending. And I am supporting that couple.

But Kawashita-sensei gave us this instead.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

An ending that's rather.. vague, is that the right word?

So more on Ane Doki manga now.

Ane Doki is a manga about 13 year old Kouta living together with a mysterious 17 year old airheaded onee-sama character, that is, Natsuki. Or is it the other way round?
Ane Doki is drawn and written by the mangaka of Ichigo 100% and Hatsukoi Limited. I saw that right away. Kawashita-sensei's amazing artwork can be recognized from a mile away.

I shan't reveal much about the story, but it basically tells us the everyday life of Kouta and Natsuki, and other free loaders at Kouta's house. It also dwells the relationship between Natsuki and her sisters, Kouta and Natsuki, and some others.

A really good romance manga, although I am sure that the story could be longer. The last few chapters felt kinda rushed. I could tell that the manga's ending without be told prior.

Ane Doki could get a second season, IMO, but it'd spoil the mood of the manga, since it's about the love between a 17 year old bishoujo and a 13 year old shota. The fact that the main character is young is a factor to why this manga is so interesting. No, me isn't shotacon.

Well, as usual, the stars would come out.

Art : ★★★★
➘Well, the drawings of Kawashita-sensei haven't changed much since Ichigo 100%, although there are some little difference. I found it kinda weird at first, but soon got used to it and started enjoying it.

Characters : ★★★★★
➘A really nice blend of character. A loli, a onee-sama, a tsundere, a shota and the list goes on. And somehow , everyone seems to just blend into the story, without making things feels weird, since I must say that the list is kinda weird.

Story : ★★★
➘The plot is very interesting. A cute shotaro boy and a onee-sama live and sleep together. What could ever have happen? Read Ane Doki.The ending pulls the whole thing down by a star or two.

In conclusion, Ane Doki is a manga that is worth your few hours or less to sit in front of the monitor to read the 26 chapters. If you enjoy other romantic comedy such as Love HINA or Nagasarete Airantou, then I must say that Ane Doki's just for you.

Overall : ★★★✰ (Note white star means half a star)
➘the art, plot and everything else of the story is really very amazing. But as I said, the ending is disappointing, to me at least.


Ane Doki Manga

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Zone 8 Tee


Hey there! Awhile back, I got my Zone Tee, so let's compare it too the corp tee.

The Front


This is the front of the Zone Tee.


And this is the front of the Corp Tee.

The Back

The back of the Zone Tee
And the back of the Corp Tee.

Side By Side


Hahas. My thoughts about the shirts
Zone Tee - Looks nice and plain , but the materials is thick.
Corp Tee - Messy but nice design. Nice to wear ^^;

Any Sirs, NCO or w/e not happy that I post the pictures tell me. I delete the post ^^;

Friday, January 8, 2010

Life in SJAB. Year 2009.

Long Post Warning.

SJAB, Year 2009

2009, a new year, a new school, a new CCA,
Decided to pick a UG since school doesn't allow us to join Clubs.
Somehow, I picked SJAB. Why? I have no idea.
At first, the NCO were friendly.
They kept smiling and encouraging us.
Played games with us,
and taught us with much patience.

As the days go by, the seniors got fiercer and fiercer.
They showed us the face they never shown before
And started punishments.
I realised,
My Life in a UG started.
For real this time.

Week after week, the cycle was the same.
Fall in, Drills, First Aid, PT
With scoldings and punishments in between.
I remember when I first heard the phrase 'Whole lot, KNOCK IT DOWN!'
I never thought this day would come.
The Sergeants were always so kind before.

Then, came their POP.
We bid our trainers goodbye and welcome new trainers.
They weren't any more kinder.
We got drilled, pumped and scolded,
Week after week, by our new trainers.

The day came : Our BFA.
Filled with mixed emotions,
The squad went to the HQ for the first time.
Took the test and everything
Followed by a round of scoldings by Sir,
Our standard was just not good enough.

Somehow or other,
All of us managed to pass the test.
We earned our Private Rank.
We finally got our uniform.
Excitedly, I ran home with the new uniform,
Pestering my mum to sew the Flash on.

Training with uniform was different.
It was weird, in fact.
The shoe was kind of slippery
And it hurt our ankles.

Then, Sir came and told us this:
"We're going for FAC."
The squad was like
"What? But.. We're just Standard Ones!"

Our training schedule got packed.
Very packed.
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays,
And even during holidays.
Day after day,
We were trained by our Sir

Selaku, Slow March, Hormat, Pandang
We learnt all these new drills.
We practised.
We learnt
And we got scolded

Comp Trainings was packed,
but strangely enjoyable.
It gave me something I'll never think I'll have,
An interest in Foot Drills.

Since Comp Trainings isn't CIM,
We got a little slack.
We trained without uniform,
We got off with most of our mistakes
And I guess I took them for Granted.

Organised trainings was over,
But our squad think it's not enough.
We have self training every week.
And we had lots of fun.
The trainings soon are over,
And so is the year.

2010 January 1 - January 8

A new year came and school started.
CCA started, and Comp training began, once again.
We learnt TOC and I was in fact, loving it quite alot.
Then, without knowing, CIM also started,
The Punishments came back.
I was doubting my choice of CCA,
And was thinking of quitting.

I wasn't happy with my CCA.
In fact, I hated it.
But it was so very enjoyable (except for the punishments)
I know I would miss everything if I quit
But I know I'll enjoy it more when I quit.

The decision is about to be made.
To quit, or not to quit.
That is the question.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What happened to those TV screens on buses after the TVMobile contract expires.

So,the TVMobile contract for SBS buses ended at New year's eve. What might those screens be doing sitting in the buses all day long? Probably showing this. Would be better if the screen get taken down tho.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I am downloading anime but has no more space?

Downloading anime comes at a price. You can see your disk space going down. down. and down. So obviously, the price is more hard drives. I can somehow see myself either crying due to no space, crying due to lagging or crying due to my money flying away in the near future.

So, today, BCOtaku here, which usually doesn't give a damn about how much space he's got left is worried. Why is he worried you ask? Take a look at the picture below.
Oh wait. Blogger's been screwin with the image uploader, so click on the pictures to get a better view.
But don't get distracted by the moesome girl having one of her moements

Yea, you might say I've still got 132GB left. What's the big deal. there's still quite alot, right?
Now take a look at what I'm torrenting.
Once again, click on the picture. No moe girls this time

See? Do the maths and you'll see how I'm worrying. Probably gonna spend all of my money on an internal hard drive + enclosure or an external hard drive.
Any idea where they sell internal hard drives and enclosure in Tampines? I'm the Isumi typed person that get lost easily that's why I don't want to leave Tampines. Or tell me which shop in Sim Lim/Funan can be trusted, coz I've never been there before.
Good luck to me.

Friday, January 1, 2010

What? Today is the start of the new year?

Erm. yeah. So starting today, it's 2010. But I didn't realise it until someone said "Happy New Year" to me awhile ago. I was like "What New Year?"
So it's the New Year. Everybody had fun celebrating it? I didn't. I have to help out at my parent's store as usual.
2009 had been an interesting year, I've met many new (and often weird) people. It's also the year I officially became a Secondary School Student. Let's not mention it's also the year where I have to go for compulsory CCA and I somehow picked SJAB. Oh wait. I mentioned it. Let's leave it like that.
So, a list of things that happened to me in 2009 that is worth (and not worth) mentioning

  • Started studying in CCHMS

  • Bought a MacBook

  • Grown Taller

  • Joined SJAB

  • Get more active online

  • Started loving ecchi. Don't look at me like that. I only started liking ecchi this year.

  • Went to AFA09.

  • Love Lion by May'n

  • Got 1.5k posts on OMF

  • Became an Admin in CCHMSJAB Forum

  • Is the only non NCO admin.

  • Hated CCA more than before.

  • Get more exposed to Otaku in Singapore. Although only a *little* more.

Is not looking forward to 2010. Because it's the year where the Nightmare Camp AKA JNCO Camp is going to take place for me. Also the streaming year. Have to study harder.
But other than that I guess 2010 is fine. I'll be looking forward to 2011 more, since it's the time I become an NCO and get to scold people. Well, provided that I survived 2010 first.

Plan for 2010 is to live. Yes. To live through the year. Also maybe buy some stuff, my first figure perhaps? But have to make sure there is a place to display her (or him) first.

So, what's the first 3 manga I read this year?

1. Black Lagoon

It's also the last Manga I read last year. I was finishing it up yesterday and before I knew it, it's 2010.

2. Mayoi Neko Overrun!

It's the new manga by Kentaro Yabuki. The artist of TLR. It's really nice. Give it a shot.

3. Mahou Sensei Negima.
Just finished chapter 275 before I wrote this. It's epic. Mana made an appearance. No more spoiler for you.

So that's it. First post of the year. Happy New Year evryone!