Friday, January 15, 2010

Weekly Shounen Jump is back, but Ane Doki ended?!

After the New Year breaks, Weekly Shounen Jump is finally back.
That means One Piece, Bleach, Bakuman, Medaka Box and others are back up again. BCOtaku is really happy. Ane Doki's back too!
Ane Doki 26 1


YES! Ane Doki's final chapter, Chapter 26 is out. And I must say I is not happy with it at all. Not because that I won't be able to enjoy Natsuki service like this (Well, it's one of the reason TBH) ,
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It's because Mizuki Kawashita-sensei did not give me a good ending to the story.

Actually, it's kinda okay for me, since it's not really a Harem ending. But the ending did not tell us if Kouta actually did end up with Natsuki. Me is not amused.

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Me was so happy when I see this picture, I thought that it's more or less decided that Kouta X Natsuki ending is the actual ending. And I am supporting that couple.

But Kawashita-sensei gave us this instead.
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An ending that's rather.. vague, is that the right word?

So more on Ane Doki manga now.

Ane Doki is a manga about 13 year old Kouta living together with a mysterious 17 year old airheaded onee-sama character, that is, Natsuki. Or is it the other way round?
Ane Doki is drawn and written by the mangaka of Ichigo 100% and Hatsukoi Limited. I saw that right away. Kawashita-sensei's amazing artwork can be recognized from a mile away.

I shan't reveal much about the story, but it basically tells us the everyday life of Kouta and Natsuki, and other free loaders at Kouta's house. It also dwells the relationship between Natsuki and her sisters, Kouta and Natsuki, and some others.

A really good romance manga, although I am sure that the story could be longer. The last few chapters felt kinda rushed. I could tell that the manga's ending without be told prior.

Ane Doki could get a second season, IMO, but it'd spoil the mood of the manga, since it's about the love between a 17 year old bishoujo and a 13 year old shota. The fact that the main character is young is a factor to why this manga is so interesting. No, me isn't shotacon.

Well, as usual, the stars would come out.

Art : ★★★★
➘Well, the drawings of Kawashita-sensei haven't changed much since Ichigo 100%, although there are some little difference. I found it kinda weird at first, but soon got used to it and started enjoying it.

Characters : ★★★★★
➘A really nice blend of character. A loli, a onee-sama, a tsundere, a shota and the list goes on. And somehow , everyone seems to just blend into the story, without making things feels weird, since I must say that the list is kinda weird.

Story : ★★★
➘The plot is very interesting. A cute shotaro boy and a onee-sama live and sleep together. What could ever have happen? Read Ane Doki.The ending pulls the whole thing down by a star or two.

In conclusion, Ane Doki is a manga that is worth your few hours or less to sit in front of the monitor to read the 26 chapters. If you enjoy other romantic comedy such as Love HINA or Nagasarete Airantou, then I must say that Ane Doki's just for you.

Overall : ★★★✰ (Note white star means half a star)
➘the art, plot and everything else of the story is really very amazing. But as I said, the ending is disappointing, to me at least.


Ane Doki Manga


  1. T_T i want a sequel i think not only me we all wanted to see the 17 or 18 old or what so ever Kouta that finaly back and be together with Natsuki

  2. I love the story goes but its still not enough for me ^_^

  3. gonna have to post petition and mail the author for it to be even considered possible for continuation.

  4. i agree it needed a better ending he should have moved in with the girl sad ending need 2nd sesone

  5. I agree, the manga needs an after story.

  6. yes i agree this story really needs a second season or at least another better ending but im still hopping that the ending was a cliffhanger i would be so HAPPY

    PLEASE make a continuation or a better ending

  7. i hope the author of this manga will still continue this

  8. there must be a continuation for this manga...
    I had a feeling that ane doki is the other story for ichigo 100% with different ending...

    ...just a feeling..hehe