Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Closure of KKnM

This blog post came a little late, but one day, about a month ago, I received an email from KKnM:
It has been 12 years since KKnM first began its operations. Importing original anime character goods direct from Japan for sale in Singapore has always been our specialty. But at last, the current business model and the other commitments that we have is unable to sustain the business. It has been a great run and tons of fun for us, thanks to all you loyal customers, friends and business partners.
It is with deep regret that we would like to announce that we will be taking a break indefinitely starting 1st March 2013. Our shop will cease operations on 28th Feb 2013. From now till then, we will be having a store-wide sale on all our products at the shop. Please feel free to drop by and take a look at what we have to offer. If there is something we have that you really like and money is a problem, feel free to talk to us. ^_< We hope all our products can find a good home and owner that will cherish it…
For all of you out there who still love your anime figurines, character goods and limited edition items, please talk to Toy Coin, they will be operational from our current shop location from 1st March 2013. We hope you will give them your full support!
 It's really sad to see that the first anime shop that I came to know of ever since I've became an anime fan is closing down. Even though I never bought much at the shop (i usually only buy things at events), the shop still hold memories as I would sometimes go down just to soak in the animeanime atmosphere or look at the goods. Granted that I didn't go to their PoMo shop that often as compared to when they were still at Sunshine, but the name of the shop will just bring back some memories. This really makes me wonder how AFA13 will be like without KKnM