Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kobato trailer

Okay everyone, although late, the official trailer of Kobato anime is out!! It's airing on 6th october, which is during EoY time. Well, here's to wishing Kobato anime to be successful and hope that there'll be subs soon =3


Saturday, September 26, 2009


Just something random. I ate 750ml , which is half a tub of ice cream in 1 hour .. Haha now my mouth so cold le

Everything's (probably) Okay : Not so Daily Progress Journal!

26 September 2009

Everything's (probably) Okay : Not so Daily Progress Journal!
==== Begins NOW! ====

So, today's Saturday. Fun? Not so. As usual, I'm being bored to death at either the market or at home. So, what do I do? Make use of the time and complete my DoS. And. I completed it. Now I'm back to the state of boredom. It is at this time when you wish that the SOS brigade exists. The Save the World with an Overdose of fun - Suzumiya Haruhi Brigade.
I want an overdose of fun in MY World.. in Watashi no Sekai ...
Sometimes, I sincerely do wish that this world is more interesting.. I believe everyone would wish the same thing too. Why do people create entertainment? Because, the world is boring. Why do people watch them? Because the world is boring. Manga, anime, cartoons, porn,hentai, dramas - Why are the made? Because, their creators wish that their world is actually like that. Magic, Dragons, Ultra High technology - People write about them because they WANT their world to be like that. If the world is interesting enough, nothing would be invented.
Sigh.. looks like this is not my Progress Journal, but my Complain About the World log already eh?.

Soo... EoY are just round the corners. I must buck up!! But.. I cannot resist the temptation of manga and anime...And my darling darling OMF.. Sigh.. i just can't bear to leave Eveonder, Bethhy, Meme, Saku, CVI,Chi-U, Eger, Oji-con and the rest alone TT

Sigh.. Oh well. Live's just torturous.

Everything is (Probably) Okay : Not so Daily Progress Journal
==== End ====

Friday, September 25, 2009

Everything's (probably) Okay! (Not so)Daily Progress Journal!

25 September 2009

After so long, The Great Ryo-sama (note the capital letters) finally decided to swim from the ocean of Youtube videos back to my Updates about life (not that i can swim, but oh well).
So, today, 1JT had the almost impossibly easy Chinese lesson. We learnt lesson number 31, smth about 民歌. it's so ridiculously easy that even the Great Ryo-sama has no problem reading it (assuming you know that my power in chinese is over [Negative] 9000)
Also, after school, since there is no CCA (*squeals* Kyah!!~ yay!`) today, i asked Yu Xiang to bring me to Kinokuniya, coz i wanted to see if they sell Negima volume 28 (limited Edition). Why? BECAUSE IT FRIGGIN COMES WITH NEGI"S ARTIFACT!!!

SEE??! Sexy right!!

Lol.. I'm surprised.. It's like senpai has no sense of shame, either that, or he is serious about it. About what you ask?
Whenever he saw a picture of Haruhi Suzumiya AKA God, he would suddenly stop in his tracks and do a Nazi Salute.
Silly? I tried to stop him, but.. he still insisted on doing it.
A picture of the Great Haruhi can be seen below.

Sigh.. Seems like my life's full of interesting people eh?

Everything's (probably) Okay! (Not so)Daily Progress Journal!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Baby I Love You

Hocchan's Baby I Love You.

Nice? very cute song right?

Friday, September 4, 2009

Everthing's not Okay : Daily progress Journal

zzz today sick again.
what the hell is wrong with me this year?
I keep falling sick, sick thn sick again.
Just now in sch, nt feeling well, thn take temperature.
37.7 lor.. but i feel fine, so dun care.
But thn, until after D&T , i get headache and my muscles like damn pain.
thn go home la! I skip Chem and SJAB.
lol. Go home, bath, sleep and when wake up, go see doctor.
38.3 degree Celsius fever. Feel like dying. At least i still can read manga.

EDIT: Feeling much better now, fever went down to 37.5 degrees.but still damn sian

Say Cheese (Dance!)

Learn the Say Cheese dance from Yui Horie herself!! Hocchan is forever sooo cute and have such an angelic voice!!

Kyahh! fangirl screams!!


Hocchan's latest song : Zutto.

Gosh this is gonna become one of my favourites