Friday, January 8, 2010

Life in SJAB. Year 2009.

Long Post Warning.

SJAB, Year 2009

2009, a new year, a new school, a new CCA,
Decided to pick a UG since school doesn't allow us to join Clubs.
Somehow, I picked SJAB. Why? I have no idea.
At first, the NCO were friendly.
They kept smiling and encouraging us.
Played games with us,
and taught us with much patience.

As the days go by, the seniors got fiercer and fiercer.
They showed us the face they never shown before
And started punishments.
I realised,
My Life in a UG started.
For real this time.

Week after week, the cycle was the same.
Fall in, Drills, First Aid, PT
With scoldings and punishments in between.
I remember when I first heard the phrase 'Whole lot, KNOCK IT DOWN!'
I never thought this day would come.
The Sergeants were always so kind before.

Then, came their POP.
We bid our trainers goodbye and welcome new trainers.
They weren't any more kinder.
We got drilled, pumped and scolded,
Week after week, by our new trainers.

The day came : Our BFA.
Filled with mixed emotions,
The squad went to the HQ for the first time.
Took the test and everything
Followed by a round of scoldings by Sir,
Our standard was just not good enough.

Somehow or other,
All of us managed to pass the test.
We earned our Private Rank.
We finally got our uniform.
Excitedly, I ran home with the new uniform,
Pestering my mum to sew the Flash on.

Training with uniform was different.
It was weird, in fact.
The shoe was kind of slippery
And it hurt our ankles.

Then, Sir came and told us this:
"We're going for FAC."
The squad was like
"What? But.. We're just Standard Ones!"

Our training schedule got packed.
Very packed.
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays,
And even during holidays.
Day after day,
We were trained by our Sir

Selaku, Slow March, Hormat, Pandang
We learnt all these new drills.
We practised.
We learnt
And we got scolded

Comp Trainings was packed,
but strangely enjoyable.
It gave me something I'll never think I'll have,
An interest in Foot Drills.

Since Comp Trainings isn't CIM,
We got a little slack.
We trained without uniform,
We got off with most of our mistakes
And I guess I took them for Granted.

Organised trainings was over,
But our squad think it's not enough.
We have self training every week.
And we had lots of fun.
The trainings soon are over,
And so is the year.

2010 January 1 - January 8

A new year came and school started.
CCA started, and Comp training began, once again.
We learnt TOC and I was in fact, loving it quite alot.
Then, without knowing, CIM also started,
The Punishments came back.
I was doubting my choice of CCA,
And was thinking of quitting.

I wasn't happy with my CCA.
In fact, I hated it.
But it was so very enjoyable (except for the punishments)
I know I would miss everything if I quit
But I know I'll enjoy it more when I quit.

The decision is about to be made.
To quit, or not to quit.
That is the question.

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