Monday, November 23, 2009

AFA09. - A weekend of fun and games!

So, finally it's time for the post on AFA09. Kinda sad that it is over already. I haven't had enough fun yet.. Oh well, at least the photos I took can help me somewhat to overcome the sadness. So the photos I would be publishing would be according to the chronological order in which I took it ^^ So pelase do not kill me if the photos does not make sense

So, I woke up at 9 in the morning, took a bath, changed and went to the MRT station. Took the MRT to City Hall and walked the the Convention Hall. Yes, I skipped breakfast because apparently, someone was there already and wanted me to be there by 9.55am. So of course, I was late. First thing I do when I reached City Hall? Look for any cosplayer so that I can follow them to the hall. I am afraid of getting lost, ya see. But I can;t find any, so I have to rely on my instinct the sign boards. So I found my way there.

So in the Hall, I went straight to one place : Tokyo Figure Show. Yup. the giant Mirai on top somehow attracted me so much that before looking at the Figures, I looks at Mirai andalmosthaveanosebleed. Well, I did not realise that Danny was there. =x I only realised after a few moments. I was afraid that I'd do something stupid so I did not approach him. Found the KKnM booth and Ryuusei queuing there. Hahas.

Apparently, Ryuusei decided that KKnM doesn't have anything he wanted, and he went to the Cospa queue. So, Cospa has something he likes. Alot. Kotori doll! His err.. future waifu. He spent $168 on her. poor him, hafta spend the rest of the day walking around resisting temptation to buy anything.

Oh yeah! I did not ask the permission of Artists and Cosplayer if I could post their work/pictures onto the blog. Please tell me if you wish for it to be removed.
Also, if some of the photos looked like they got cut in half or does not match the caption, click on it to view the whole photo. or just go to the album. Link to album is at the bottom of the page.
Loads of posters everywhere. Haruhi-sama is shining brilliantly (Okay, granted it is the light above her shone brighter.)

Mirai-chan Figma. very adorable. Hmm.. should I preorder one when she is on sale?Nekomimi Shana nendoroid! The entire festival is filled with Shana goodness
Kagamiku and Rin together. I think Rin just did something bad to Kagamiku. Kagamiku seems scared and Rin is smiling =x
Mikuru, Haruhi and Yuki
My Musume.
Giant Mirai-chan in Danny's booth. ♥ her so much.
Ryuusei decided to dress his wife up during the break. Kotori's such a sweetie
Why is my onee-sama at the back??!
Meido Mikuru.
Witch Yuki
Country of Figures

Country of figures - lower deckShana Figma. Panchira not intended
Miku and the Kagamine Twins. Love all three of them.
Now.. Our favourite Stromtrooper and Alodia is here!

More pictures of our favourite stormtrooper and Alodia.
Keroro gunso cosplay.

Nendo clones

Vocaloid nendo. Miku and Rin looks tasty.
If you run, you'll be shot

During Miku's concert

AFA09, Day 2, Sunday.
Went to AFA a little later today. reached at 12.00 and rushed through lunch until about 12.10
Returned to the hall and found a seat at the main Stage and wait there until K-ON Experience started.

Shana poster. It's my phone's wallpaper now =x

Lovely Alodia cosplaying as lovely Mirai-chan

has more higher quality pictures of Alodia and her imouto, who is cosplaying as Haruka.
Love this . Franky Cosplay.

Nanoha and Hayate.
Tenori Taiga.
Maria Kurenai?

My Stash of treasures after AFA.

The album of photos I took in AFA

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Hahas. Sorry, i can't post about AFA09 now, because I realised that I haven't got pictures of many cosplayer, only 2 or 3. A buncha figures from TFS though.. Just a spoiler picture for the post I am going to make tomorrow night(I hope)

I met with Danny Choo! Hahas very happy to meet him. I got flustered and forgot to shake his hands!! Noo!!
Oh! The pretty lady on the other side of Danny is Alodia.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Shakugan no Shana S - Gender Bending anime?

Our favourite Rie Kugimiya Loli Pettan Tsundere Action Girlfriend is back!! Yup! Our darling Shana is back and is ready to moe the hell out of us! But this time, in HD! The OVA Shakugan no Shana S was out and subbed quite awhile ago, so once again, sorry the the late review on Shana.

Shana is back as I said, but this time, in HD, as I also said. Click on the image to see it. Certainly not the somewhat pixelated Shana I remember. So Shana's awesome cuteness is also displayed in HD.
Well, Shana is still the Flame Haze we remember. Empatsu Shakugan no Uchite. But no matter which Shana it is, Shana is still very adorable.
And tsundere too. Sorry can't find a tsuntsun picture.
Well, one difference is that Shana seems to know how to have fun now. She is rolling around the floor while in a fuzetsu in Yuji's room.

Well, Shakugan no Shana S apparently happens after Shakugan no Shana II but i am not sure, since my Shana II is still stuck at episode 11. The fuzetsu seems to be always on in SnS2 and I kinda hate it =x

The OVA starts with Yuji and Shana searching a pile of trash for something. Well, they are searching for a Hougu. Yuji is complaining about the heat, but i don't blame him. Partly because it's Summer , partly because he with Shana. There's bound to be some heat (in more than one way, if you get me). Yuji wanted Shana to do a Jizaiho to cool the surrounding but knowing Shana, she'd reply with a Urusai Urusai Urusai!! She did. Shana complained that she is not an air conditioner. Hahas. Yuji suddenly found something that looked like a Telescope and peer through it. He turned around to tell Shana something, but that Telescope thingy is actually a hougu!

Okay so no more spoilers. I'll just tell you what the Hougu does. It switched Yuji and Shana's mind. In other words, Yuji now has Shana's body vice versa. That'll be the end of the spoilers.

What? Don't believe me?! Grr.. 6 pictures to prove that I am right!

1) Yuuji saying "Stupid Yuuji" while being Tsundere.
2)Yuuji going "Urusai!Urusai!Urusai!" and pinching Shana. Something he would never dare to do in fear that Shana 's fanboys would bash him up .

3) Shana going "Daiiiisuki!" The actual Shana is too Tsundere to say that. Well, I would have no regrets for the rest of my life after hearing Shana going "Daiiisuki!". Now if only that word is directed at me.

3) Shana with a crooked Ahoge , and with a expression that is a fusion of uneasiness, nervousness , confusion and helplessness. Totally impossible for Shana to do it unless she is currently in deredere mode (which she is not) because she is just too cool

4) Shana pulling her skirt up and complaining that her panties are too tight. Shana never complains about her undies.
5) Yuji covering Shana's eyes when the girls are caught naked. Yuji would just either blank out or nosebleed. And why would Yuji cover Shana's eyes when he is a guy and Shana's a girl?

And finally, number 6) Shana had a panchira. Shana never have a panchira. Unless it is during the last episode of the first season, when Shana is fighting Hecate, where her anti-panchira barrier is magically deactivated.
Oh yeah, above 4 photos shows that Shakugan no Shana S is filled with loads of ecchi. Pleasing me alot.

Shana S is worth watching. And the opening, "Prophecy" by Mami Kawada is very nice and the OP video also suits the song. Nice and funny story. Go watch it.

1080p torrent
720p torrent

Credits: Mamiko