Friday, October 30, 2009

Kobato. and Kobato. Episode 3 review

Well, I've realised that I have not done a review for Kobato. yet, So, I'll do the review for the series so far and episode 3 together.

So.. Kobato. is an anime about this girl called Kobato Hanato.
So there!~

Err... not enough ar?
So, Kobato Hanato is this cute little girl going around to 'heal the hearts of people' to collect their 'broken hearts'. Apparently, 'broken hearts' sound very weird, so Kobato decides to call them 'Candies' instead.
Now, Kobato has this talking stuffed animal that breathes fire called Ioryogi. I'm assuming that Ioryogi is a officer or something similar in a certain military. Why? He acts like one.
Kobato runs all around the place looking for hearts to heal. But somehow, she screws up halfway all the time and got scolded / burned by Sir Ioryogi.
But at the end of the day, Kobato somehow always managed to solve the problem. Or create another problem.
Pictures time!
Taken from the opening of Kobato.. Looks Cute.

From episode 3. Ioryogi waiting to kill Kobato.
New girl appears in Kobato. I think her name is Mutsumi. She's Tsundere^^
Kobato's getting more candy.
Mutsumi in deredere mode? Maybe?
Kobato get pinched by Fujimoto.
Kobato's 1 minute and 23 seconds late for work according to Fujimoto

Guess who?

It's the butt shaking bunny! Srsly, I hate it.

Mutsumi's gonna get fat. The boy looks like a evil short haired Syaoran, no?

Hey! Piffle Princess has a store here!

Kobato is living up to her name and is trying to fly. (Her name means little dove)

Ioryogi enjoys looking at Kobato's nice butt

Straight from the horror movie called "Kobato."

Ioryogi missing.

Chitose is back! I missed her alot! Haven't seen her since Chobits.
Chise and Chiho. No prize for guessing who are they crossover from.

haha. Whew done captioning them.
Lol.. time for the rating!!

Episode 3 rating: ❀❀❀❀
Comment: Kinda boring, but Chise, Chiho and Chitose makes it all better!
Series rating: ❀❀❀
Comment: Kinda boring since everything just repeats. Kobato talks. Kobato screws up. Ioryogi scolds. Kobato heals heart. Ioryogi praises. New candy appear. Kobato screw up. And the next episode would repear the cycle. But the comedy somehow makes up for it.

Monday, October 26, 2009

A week of my life 1

I ran out of ideas on what to write in my blog, so I decided to write this, a week of my life. Basically as it suggest on the tin, I'll be writing about my weekly life.. not too interesting I guess, since i'm not some famous people or somethin and I'm not exactly doing different things every week. So i think you'll see pretty much the same things every week. Bear with it. I swear it'll get more interesting soon.

So, this week is just like any other week except that i finally got my results back. Luckily I did not fail any subject. Well, I had never failed anything before...

First up, since it's post exam activities time, We go to school a little later than usual (although only for one day). At the bus stop at about 9.30 am. The bus above has plenty of passengers on it. But the photo doesn't really shows it.
Boarded bus 10 and took it all the way to school. Trip took about 45 minutes. On the bus, I realised that where the first aid kit was kept in has a sign that was placed wrongly. Funny. Wonder what would people do if they are really that er.. to put it nicely.. does not recognize what the cross symbol means.

A few stops before Katong shopping center, a few foreigners wanting to board the bus, but does not know which bus to board, so they sent someone up the bus to ask the bus driver. Apparently the bus was going their way and they all clambered onto the bus. I got off the bus a few stops later and walked to school.

===No Pictures in School===

So school's over and I took the bus home.

Had lunched at the coffee shop near my house . I had the Mini Wok Noodles. It cost me $3.80. It had some balls made of animal meat and some other stuff floating around.

Went to school the next day. There's CCA so I'll have to bring my Uniform (actually the pants since I does not have the shirt yet). I brought the giant uniform cover and my bag that's stuffed with my shoes and training materials onto the bus. Blurry picture coz bus was moving suddenly.

Around 6.15 in the morning. No cars on the road.
Reached school at around 6.40am, surprising how bright a place can get in just 25 minutes.
Same road, about half a day later, at 19 00hrs . Still can see the sun.
Same road, except now facing the other way. The body at the bottom left of the pictures belongs to Li Jun, one of my squadmates.(realised that it sounds like he's dead. lol.)

The supermart near my bus stop. Used to be called K-Store but somehow changed the already stupid name to something even more stupid - Green Begger Supermart.
Similarly, less than half an hour later, it has gotten so dark already. But at least the lights brighten it up.I wonder how many figures can I buy if all of these lights were turn off for 1 week.
The bus stop at night. Only one person in sight.
Bright lights as signs for places too.
Random fury of lights
Helping my mother out at her stall. Saw lotsa leeks. Do you think Miku would like it here?
Dinner consist of take away roast dead animals.
And weird soup with things floating in it.
The sauce that comes along with it looks weird too.Lol at the headlines. Military Blasts Proposed Pea lol.

Lol so that's it for this week.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Windows 7

Wow! Windows 7 would be released tomorrow in Singapore and this week's Digital Life already has a review on it.It seems that there's no negative things written about Windows 7. Too bad my scanner is down, so I can't really scan the article and post it. But there seems to be no complains about it. Windows 7 would be sold in the following prices.
Home Premium - $359
Home Premium upgrade - $219
Professional - $529
Professional upgrade - $359
Ultimate - $549
Ultimate upgrade - $379

Hm.. the price is certainly cheaper than the $788 of OS X 10.6 but the upgrade price for OS X 10.6 is only $48. Although I'm a Mac user, I'm really interested in Windows OS because.. well... hmm 1 word 'Eroge'. haha. I'm gonna run either Bootcamp or Parallels with Windows 7, well, sooner or later, or maybe when someone is willing to sponsor me a 7 install disk? Or maybe sponsor me 10.6 disk?

Source: Digital Life Wednesday October 21, 2009
I've been wondering, should I write a weekly report on how life here on Little Red Dot? I can't think of anything else other than anime and complains to put on my blog.. Suggestions?

Should I write a weekly report on my life?
write a daily one
write a monthly one free polls

Okay, you guys can laugh at me when no one decides to put in their votes.

USB Drive is saved?

As some of you might know, something happened to my USB drive and that something made my USB drive not functional. But yesterday, after plugging in the drive and screw around with it in 'Disk Utility' , I somehow managed to get it to work again O.O

My sweet USB Drive plugged to my MacBook^^

To prove that it is working^^ See the Ryo there? Yup, it's working ^^

Life as a SJAB Cadet 1

Today, after receiving the news that CCA is returning this Friday, I really wish I could skip it. I mean, it's after the exams and a day before the holidays.. and they still want to torture us? They think we are masochist or something? And to make things worse, we have to spend our holidays having training! A total waste of time IMO. But.. This is life and I can't deny that I don't like CCA and want to skip it, but skipping CCA would means that I would have to hand in a letter of absence.. I don't have an excuse to do so ==" Maybe one of you want to act as my parent and help me write the letter? ><"

But, I realized that I haven't do anything I was supposed to do. I remembered that I was told to cut a piece of card or something to be place inside my beret to hold up the crest or something.

The piece of card that I cut. No prize for guessing what card it is.
My beret after placing in the card

Also, I must polish my shoes ==" Waste of time much? Yes, but NCOs demands polishing.
My shoes after polishing. Shiny? Not so.

Sigh. Countdown till Physical and Mental torture time? 1.5 days. Good luck to me!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Why I hate CCA

Lately, I've been complaining alot about CCA returning. Seriously, why bother with CCAs? I don't see a need to have them. I think know I can live longer without the weekly 4 hours worth of scolding ...
In case non of you know what my CCA is, it's called the St. John's Ambulance Brigade. I am a not-so-proud cadet of the Brigade. I don't have anything against the Order , but I don't like training that's for sure. It's so predictable.
1. Fall in in Muftee/Full uniform
2. Get scolded for taking too long.
3. Do parade.
4. Get scolded for not saying pledge loud enough/ not saying pledge
5. Do drills
6. Get scolded for not doing drills perfectly
7. Get dehydrated due to being unable to drink water 'coz NCO doesn't allow
8. Run to New Block for First aid
9. Get scolded for not greeting a NCO while seeing her while we are running. No, we didn't saw
her. It's her fault to walk so far away from us and expecting us to see her.
10. Get scolded for reaching new block late and not falling in properly out classroom.
11. Do first aid
11.5 May or may not get scolded for sucky bandaging/screwing around.
12. Told to change into PT Kit.
13. Get scolded for not being able to change in time.
14. Do PT/ CPR practice.
15. Get scolded for not pumping properly/ not running fast enough.
15 (ver.2) Get scolded for not doing CPR up to standard.
16. Fall in again
17. Parade again
18. Get released home late

Above all is done in 4 hours (theoretically, but it usually takes 4.5~5 hours) .

Come on, who the hell would be able to live to 80 if they have to endure 4 hours + worth of scolding every week and physical torture. And working in an environment without energy booster AKA Manga, Anime, Anisongs,forums,sleep,food , I can hardly go for 1 hour.. and those NCOs and ICs are expecting us to go on for 4 hours? Blasphemy!

No more CCA, Please!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Kampfer episode 3

In case no one knows, i've been reading the Kampfer manga for quite awhile now, and 3 weeks ago, the anime started airing in Japan. I must say, the anime didn't disappoint me at all.
Especially episode 3. It's filled with yuri.. and Natsuru was almost raped.. by 3 girls!?
Hehe pics from the episode below.

Now, it only that 'I love you!' is directed to me..No prize for guessing what this is ^^

So, have any of you guys watched Kampfer? And how was it? Did you liked it as much as I did?

(The sentence above is to the very few readers of my blog which i am eternally thankful to)

Rating for Kampfer : ❀❀❀❀
Rating for episode 3: ❀❀❀❀

Comments: Would be better if it's something more than pure ecchi

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Move Successful!

Okay, I've decided that my old blog, is too gloomy and emo, so I've decided to move it to here. Granted it's a lil plain right now and i doubt anyone would visit, I'll update it and add more stuff on the blog, also please, do tag if you are here, even for awhile ^^"

P/S The old blog would redirect you here after loading ^^


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Anime Personality Quiz

I took the "What anime personality do you have" quiz, and got the least expected result.. (Okay.. maybe people like Eve and Bethhy would agree with it but oh well)

Result is...

You are the Innocent anime person!
You are really nice and hate fighting. You are also very shy and are environmentally friendly.
In one of those magical animes, you would have the power over water as well as being the trusty sidekick!
DAH!! I gotta hug you! D//=

YES!! WTF?? Lol!!
Dun believe.. well only prove I have is ➪this

"If you were an anime girl, what would you look like{redone} (If boys want to take this too go ahead, anime pics)" quiz results

Lol.. took another quiz.. this time it's the : "If you were an anime girl, what would you look like{redone} (If boys want to take this too go ahead, anime pics)" quiz

Lol.. here's the result

Vilian: Your the antagonist. You don't hate the world you just want to controll it and you'll do what you want when you want. You're the evil woman in the dark with all the minions at your beck and call.
Clothes: Dark long dresses or cloaks.
Eyes: Black, yellow or red; something evilily angry
Ambition: To controll the world and everyone with it.

Also, expect alot of quiz result ==" I'm kinda bored, altho exams are round the corner here, RIGHT NOW...

"Which Random Anime Character are you" Quiz Result

Lol!! Took a "Which Random Anime Character are you" Quiz and this is my result.Your result is: Suzumiya Haruhi
Anime/Manga: Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)
One of a kind, Haruhi is always bored! Everyday life is just too plain. Normal human beings are monotonous and uninteresting. She's dramatic, impulsive, and gets a bit angry when she doesn't get her way. She thinks she knows it all, but is completely oblivious to the fact that the things she's desperately searching for are right in front of her. Even she has some sort of power that she's unaware of, and no one really knows what that power is.

Lol.. I hope it's really true.. it'd be fun to be Haruhi, even for a day..


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

TRC Epilouge Rating and Last Chapter Re-rate

With the epilogue of TSUBASA RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE released, i must redo the entire series rating thing.

Epilogue Rating: ∞★
Series Rating: ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ *Boom!*

=========Sry Star meter spoil due to over starring=3 =========

So, i'll use flowers instead.

Last Chapter Rating compared to Epilogue : ❀
Epic Win? : ∞❀
CLAMP-liciously delicious =3

Clamp certainly did not disappoint me in the ending of TRC! Otsukare-sama!

I hope the wonderful ending would be a hint to how wonderfully wonderful Mangettes: Gate 7 is going to be!

Now, if you'll excuse me for going into Full Fangirl Mode..

TRC Epilogue

Omigawd!! Tsubasa!!~~~
/reborn in Clow country
/dies after seeing Tsubasa-hime
/reborns back again

x3333 <33

Monday, October 5, 2009

Negima ~ Mou Hitotsu no Sekai ~ OAD Episode 1

Well, about hours ago, i watched episode 1 of 魔法 先生 ネギま〜もうひつの世界〜 (Mahou Sensei Negima ~ Mou Hitotsu no Sekai~ ) , or Magister Negi Magi! ~ Another World ~.
I must must must say this.
Promotional Pics:

Fate Averruncus makes appeared in this OAD, as expected, since he IS the main villain of the MM arc, and
the possible main villain of the entire series.

Asuna Vesperina Theotanasia Entheofushia

"I won't allow you to touch Ojou-sama!"

Omigawd!! My Onee-sama, Setsuna nee-sama, is protecting Konoka nee-sama ><" I must say that the OAD certainly is above my expectations. The animated magics runes looks soo cool! Also, the pactio transformation sequence is sooo sexy! ADEAT!
Haha.. this episode is sooo perfect!

Opening Rating : ★★★★★
Ending Rating : ★★★★★
Art rating : ★★★★★
Overall Episode Rating : ★★★★★
Comments : Perfect =3

ネギま 〜もうひとつの世界〜