Friday, May 21, 2010

K-ON!! Ep 7

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This week's K-ON went back in time . No, it has not became a science fiction anime by introducing a time machine, it's just some simple flashback. It seems like the ex seitokaicho was a secret Mio-stalker
More importantly!!! After seven episodes, FINALLY!! A new song was introduced (that is neither the OP or ED). It's a song called.. Pure Pure Heart . Judging by the name, needless to say, the song was written by Mio-tan.

The new song was good though.

Well, here's something I must say to Kyo-Ani :
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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ane Doki is back?

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Ane Doki Review

After much waiting, it seems like Ane Doki has an extra chapter!!! Chapter 26.50 - SEQUEL.

It is set 4 years after chapter 26. And it finally gave our beloved Ane Doki a proper ending.
The new chapter is only 3 pages, but it is short and sweet and closes the story nicely. But... I feel that second season may be possible?

Before you go on : SPOILER ALERT!!

===bcotaku's thoughts===

3 short pages. All it takes is three short pages and I am over the moon. The main event of the chapter was the last page. Kouta met Natsuki again. In summertime again. This time, instead of Ice Cream, it's popsicles. And no panchira.
A sad things was that Sakurai is not drawn into the chapter. Although it is said that she'd became a real beauty. I wonder if she's still dfc...

CHAPTER 26.6 is out!! Omake of Ane Doki ^^ Funny.