Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Windows 7

Wow! Windows 7 would be released tomorrow in Singapore and this week's Digital Life already has a review on it.It seems that there's no negative things written about Windows 7. Too bad my scanner is down, so I can't really scan the article and post it. But there seems to be no complains about it. Windows 7 would be sold in the following prices.
Home Premium - $359
Home Premium upgrade - $219
Professional - $529
Professional upgrade - $359
Ultimate - $549
Ultimate upgrade - $379

Hm.. the price is certainly cheaper than the $788 of OS X 10.6 but the upgrade price for OS X 10.6 is only $48. Although I'm a Mac user, I'm really interested in Windows OS because.. well... hmm 1 word 'Eroge'. haha. I'm gonna run either Bootcamp or Parallels with Windows 7, well, sooner or later, or maybe when someone is willing to sponsor me a 7 install disk? Or maybe sponsor me 10.6 disk?

Source: Digital Life Wednesday October 21, 2009

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