Friday, October 30, 2009

Kobato. and Kobato. Episode 3 review

Well, I've realised that I have not done a review for Kobato. yet, So, I'll do the review for the series so far and episode 3 together.

So.. Kobato. is an anime about this girl called Kobato Hanato.
So there!~

Err... not enough ar?
So, Kobato Hanato is this cute little girl going around to 'heal the hearts of people' to collect their 'broken hearts'. Apparently, 'broken hearts' sound very weird, so Kobato decides to call them 'Candies' instead.
Now, Kobato has this talking stuffed animal that breathes fire called Ioryogi. I'm assuming that Ioryogi is a officer or something similar in a certain military. Why? He acts like one.
Kobato runs all around the place looking for hearts to heal. But somehow, she screws up halfway all the time and got scolded / burned by Sir Ioryogi.
But at the end of the day, Kobato somehow always managed to solve the problem. Or create another problem.
Pictures time!
Taken from the opening of Kobato.. Looks Cute.

From episode 3. Ioryogi waiting to kill Kobato.
New girl appears in Kobato. I think her name is Mutsumi. She's Tsundere^^
Kobato's getting more candy.
Mutsumi in deredere mode? Maybe?
Kobato get pinched by Fujimoto.
Kobato's 1 minute and 23 seconds late for work according to Fujimoto

Guess who?

It's the butt shaking bunny! Srsly, I hate it.

Mutsumi's gonna get fat. The boy looks like a evil short haired Syaoran, no?

Hey! Piffle Princess has a store here!

Kobato is living up to her name and is trying to fly. (Her name means little dove)

Ioryogi enjoys looking at Kobato's nice butt

Straight from the horror movie called "Kobato."

Ioryogi missing.

Chitose is back! I missed her alot! Haven't seen her since Chobits.
Chise and Chiho. No prize for guessing who are they crossover from.

haha. Whew done captioning them.
Lol.. time for the rating!!

Episode 3 rating: ❀❀❀❀
Comment: Kinda boring, but Chise, Chiho and Chitose makes it all better!
Series rating: ❀❀❀
Comment: Kinda boring since everything just repeats. Kobato talks. Kobato screws up. Ioryogi scolds. Kobato heals heart. Ioryogi praises. New candy appear. Kobato screw up. And the next episode would repear the cycle. But the comedy somehow makes up for it.


  1. Freya and Eruda??????

  2. Chise and Chiho. Kobato's alternate universe version of Freya and Elda :D

  3. that apartment? same like chobits, and chitose hibiya, why you are so ugly? i prefer chobits series