Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Life as a SJAB Cadet 1

Today, after receiving the news that CCA is returning this Friday, I really wish I could skip it. I mean, it's after the exams and a day before the holidays.. and they still want to torture us? They think we are masochist or something? And to make things worse, we have to spend our holidays having training! A total waste of time IMO. But.. This is life and I can't deny that I don't like CCA and want to skip it, but skipping CCA would means that I would have to hand in a letter of absence.. I don't have an excuse to do so ==" Maybe one of you want to act as my parent and help me write the letter? ><"

But, I realized that I haven't do anything I was supposed to do. I remembered that I was told to cut a piece of card or something to be place inside my beret to hold up the crest or something.

The piece of card that I cut. No prize for guessing what card it is.
My beret after placing in the card

Also, I must polish my shoes ==" Waste of time much? Yes, but NCOs demands polishing.
My shoes after polishing. Shiny? Not so.

Sigh. Countdown till Physical and Mental torture time? 1.5 days. Good luck to me!

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