Friday, July 10, 2009

Note that this post is just to make Ler Jun pissed off

So, other thn my Not so daily Progress Journal, i must have a 'Not so daily gaming journal'
not that i really play games tho..
So..well, Ler Jun, As i said , this post is here to piss you off.
1. Pokemon Platinum.
-3 words : haha you suck.
-Some more words: Not that i rock tho, but you still suck. Took me 3 days to complete Platinuim, with all Pokemon to at least level 60++, but it took you HOW LONG to defeat Cynthia, wth your mons only at lvl 50++ , not to mention, with totally useless move pool.
- Oh yeah, another thing to piss you off, Remember my Dialga?? 249 sp atk?? =P

2.Castlevania : PoR
-Yes, i'm gonna say it again, you suck.
- I don't think i need to elaborate, Mr 500 hp.


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