Friday, July 10, 2009

Not so daily progress journal! : Everything's (Probably) okay! 10/7/09

Hi all ^^
Ryo's back in control!!~

Lol.. soo..

Today's a friday as all of you all know, so it means that
1 - Tomorrow is Saturday , a Holiday
2 - No need to see Wang Wei according to the time table (Yay!!)

So , since we don't get to see Wang Wei, it means that the day's way more relaxing and fun than usual, which is really true , since this day passes surprisingly fast.

And, as usual, loads of homework (/ waiting for Jared/Leon to bash me up) and a short 2 day weekend break. Sigh.. what can I do? not as though complaining is gonna do me anything.

Although it is really good that we do not get to see Wang Wei today, but there is not gonna be any One Piece this week!! OMG!! Yes!! No One Piece!! Noooo!! And.. There's gonna be no Negima next week to make this worse.. And this is not all... There's still no D Gray Man updates yet..

Everything's (probably) Okay! Not so daily progress journal! - END


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