Saturday, July 11, 2009

Not so daily progress journal! : Everything's (Probably) okay! 11/7/09


Saturday, in other words, its a day where i am free to read manga as i am pleased. But the thing is that , there's practically no manga to read.. As Bleach was released on Friday and i've already read it yesterday, so all that is left is To LOVE- Ru 156. Oh! And Kodomo no Jikan chapter 50 is released without me knowing! Exciteds >.<

And just now, in the morning, stupid Rong Chuin call me go library do HW together or smth , then when I am preparing to go out, he smsed me and told me that he got smth last minute and cant go... ZzZZ now i rly got nth to do.. Its so boring..

Everything's (Probably) okay! Not so daily progress journal END


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