Monday, July 26, 2010

Students' Investiture + and Awesome New AVA members

Today is July 26 2010. Student's Investiture. In other words, the day when the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Student Council and each and every CCA officially step down from their positions and hand it over to the newly appointed ones. Of course, it is still not my turn to take over.. YET (As hinted by the Teacher in Charge of AVA). So hopefully, next year, it will be my turn to walk down the red carpet in the Grand Auditorium and take over as the new Chairman or Vice Chairman, preferably the former.
I am on AVA duty for the Investiture, so that means that the CHAOS and FUN of sitting in front of the mixer during a big event that requires multiple mics and multiple channel of music is BACK AGAIN after the 5 month of dormance after Chinese New year. BUT!! It doesn't count as I was doing the lights during CNY Concert, not the audio. SO, it means it has been 7 months of dormance for me, since Drama Nite '09. So EXCITED and HYPER the whole day because of the duty!! I thought I was out of job because I had only been assigned backstage duty ever since the new teacher in charge took over!
Happy to say that THE INVESTITURE WENT ON WITHOUT MUCH PROBLEMS! I am fairly confident in my abilities, until 2 days ago during the investiture rehearsal, I realised that due to the 7 month of dormance, my reaction time has lagged a little. But then again, there was no major problems with today's investiture (was there?)

Also, 2 of my MOST MOST MOST BELOVED JUNIORS, Li Hui and Kai Wen, wanted to join AVA Club!! I was so happy! Immediately after the investiture, I looked out of the AVA room in an attempt to spot my juniors so that I could introduce them to the Teacher In Charge. However, just as I spotted them , the teacher went out and back to his staff room. I had to chase after him to stop him from leaving and introduce the girls to him. Luckily, I managed to catch up to him and a brief introduction was done. Apparently, he was quite happy with having new members. So my dear juniors can begin their "AVA Duties" from next week onwards! I do hope that both Lihui and Kaiwen will enjoy their time working and slacking with the AVA club!

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