Friday, November 20, 2009

7 episodes late but... Kampfer at a glance


So, I'm 7 episode late at giving a review on Kampfer at a glance.
When I first found Kampfer, it is still a Manga.
Yup. It was a 10 chapter manga sleeping in the depth of
The drawing was kinda cute but is weird..

Well, she is supposed to be Akane, but.. Right now, comparing her to the anime Akane (Shown below), I can hardly tell that they are the same person.. Am I the only one with this problem?

Well, one day, someone told me that he is watching Kampfer.
So I asked him " Watch?"
And he told me that Kampfer had an anime and I was going "O.O"
Hahas. Watched the first episode and I laughed through it all.
So.. the story is something like this.
One Fine Day, Natsuru woke up to find himself turned into a her. So (s)he started to freak out. (S)he started to touch herself to make sure. Thn (s)he realised that her underwear changed also. (S)he is now wearing Shimapan. Thank god it's Shimapan.
Suddenly, the stuffed animal his crush Sakura Kaede gave him suddenly talked. It introduced itself as Hara Kiri Tora. Hara Kiri Tora tells Natsuru that (s)he is chosen as a Kampfer. And Kampfers are always female, so that's why Natsuru became a girl. And kampfer must fight.
So can you expect Ecchi and comedy with this anime.
Some pictures below^^

I'd said that Kampfer is an Anime that is worthy to watch if you like ecchi and comedy. There are fighting in this Anime, but usually it's comedy =3

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