Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Closure of KKnM

This blog post came a little late, but one day, about a month ago, I received an email from KKnM:
It has been 12 years since KKnM first began its operations. Importing original anime character goods direct from Japan for sale in Singapore has always been our specialty. But at last, the current business model and the other commitments that we have is unable to sustain the business. It has been a great run and tons of fun for us, thanks to all you loyal customers, friends and business partners.
It is with deep regret that we would like to announce that we will be taking a break indefinitely starting 1st March 2013. Our shop will cease operations on 28th Feb 2013. From now till then, we will be having a store-wide sale on all our products at the shop. Please feel free to drop by and take a look at what we have to offer. If there is something we have that you really like and money is a problem, feel free to talk to us. ^_< We hope all our products can find a good home and owner that will cherish it…
For all of you out there who still love your anime figurines, character goods and limited edition items, please talk to Toy Coin, they will be operational from our current shop location from 1st March 2013. We hope you will give them your full support!
 It's really sad to see that the first anime shop that I came to know of ever since I've became an anime fan is closing down. Even though I never bought much at the shop (i usually only buy things at events), the shop still hold memories as I would sometimes go down just to soak in the animeanime atmosphere or look at the goods. Granted that I didn't go to their PoMo shop that often as compared to when they were still at Sunshine, but the name of the shop will just bring back some memories. This really makes me wonder how AFA13 will be like without KKnM

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Okay guys, I owe you all this. Super late post, but it's here : my post on AFA X.
AFA X lasts 2 days this year, on the 21st and 22nd of November. However, most of the photos in this post is taken on Sunday. And I've got many badly taken photos,and I've omitted them from the post, so this post might be a little too short for your liking.

AFA X brought in these Hatsune Miku Project Diva Arcade games. Above show someone being funny and playing World is Mine with Kaito. VERY EPIC.

Miku Nendoroid. Super cute! :D

Angel Beats nendo. Kanade nendo = WANT.


Moar BRS

Even moar. So cute!!
Moesome 2D girls.

Totally love this figure of Miku. She seems super genki!

Mirai Itasha.
Spotted someone doing a cosplay of one of Project Diva 2's Miku.

Empatsu Shakugan no Uchite

Dollfies assembled!

Closeup on Miku dollfie

Ticket to AFA X I <3 Anisong Side B


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

AFA X Countdown : 3 days

Hey guys! bcotaku's back from the break :D
AFA X is going to take place in 3 days time!! For those who've been hiding in a cave for the past month, Anime Festival Asia 2010 , or AFA X, is going to take place on 13 November and 14 November 2010 in Suntec City Convention Hall 401 and 402! More information by clicking on the banner on top.

So, have you all prepared yet? Bought the tickets and saved up enough money already? I've decided to not go for the I love anisong concert due to LOW BUDGET and no one to accompany me to go with. ^^" At least that means that I have some extra money to spend on merchandises in the festival.

Hope you guys enjoy yourself at the festival!

Monday, September 13, 2010

AFA X - More infomation released.

The ticket prices of AFA X is announced. At first glance :
Festival Access - $8 : Access to the main event hall. But not to the stage area. That means we will be missing out on the special guest appearances.

Festival + Stage Access- $15 : Access to Stage Area and Festival hall.

bcotaku's thoughts
So this doesn't seems like a bad price. Cheaper compared to last year. And we get to access the stage too! Wow!
It might seem like a good deal , in fact a better deal than last year's at first, but then there is this notice
* Does not grant access to I LOVE ANISONG concerts.

NOOOOOOOOO. So how much does the concert ticket costs?

Starting with the cheapest :

Free Standing Area pass
SGD $55
(approx) 3 hours of concert performance in the Free Standing Area
1x Festival+ stage Access tickets

So if you are trying to save money but want to go to the I love anisong concert, this is the one for you.

1 day VIP pass
3 hours of concert performance
Premium numbered seating
1x Festival+ stage Access tickets
1x free lightstick

This is for those who have the cash to spare but only wants to go to 1 day of the concert. So basically , you get to sit and have a free lightstick for a whopping SGD$63 more.

Lastly, is the most expensive of the tickets
2 Day VIP Pass
6 hours of concert performance
Premium numbered seating
2x Festival + Stage Access tickets
2x lightstick

basically this is for the rich people who want to go for both days of the concert. You get 2x of what you get with the previous tickets for 2(118)-198 = SGD$38 less.

So after all these infomation on the tickets, WHO THE HECK ARE PERFORMING FOR US IN THE CONCERT?
The list might surprise you.

13 November
JAM Project
Ichirou Mizuki AKA Aniki

14 November

So? SHOCKED? I'd very much love to have another Miku concert like last year, but too bad it seems like my cute Miku won't be making it to AFA to sing for us this year. But. JAM PROJECT. ANIKI. SCANDAL. ANGELA. MAY'N!!!!!!! These names.... AHHH!! *money flies away*

I'm very looking forward to May'n's concert. Last year's was EPIC AWESOME. I wish that she will sing more Macross Frontier songs this year. OH! And Ready Go! The OP for Ookami-san.

I've been talking about this "stage access" thing for quite some time. So why the heck would anyone wanna go to an empty stage? Of course, the stage won't be empty (duh!) . there will be Special Guest appearance by
Danny Choo (!!!!)
Kana Hanazawa
and many others

during the festival itself.
I wonder if we will get to see the Tokyo Storm Trooper in action again this year. Certainly hopes so.

bcotaku's thoughts (again)
So, this time round, we have to pay to watch the concert? hais. I am but just a poor little boy studying in Singapore. I don't think i wll be able to afford the $198 ticket for both days. Neither can i afford the $110 for standing ticket for both days. So what do I do? I think i might be skipping one of the I love anisong concert and get the $55 ticket for the other day. Conclusion? Little poor starving wallet of mine is going to break into tears if i do not suddenly find $X on the ground to pay for my AFA bills.